A lot going on at CASE

The Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy (CASE) is an industry-led sustainable energy research centre based in Northern Ireland.

In the last CASE call five projects worth £1.9 million were approved.

CASE has an open call for new projects (in turbines, energy systems and energy from biomass) happening now and this runs until 30 September 2015.

Five projects worth £1.9 million were approved in the last call. The projects ranged from cryogenic upgrading of biogas to an analysis of tidal turbines in real sea, lake and tank conditions. CASE projects illustrate the levels of industry and academic expertise that are here in Northern Ireland in the sustainable energy sector.

On 23 September CASE will host a "ShowCASE" event to discuss the opportunities and hear about some of the successful projects already taking place. The ShowCASE will be held at Riddel Hall at Queens University and starts at 09.00 – so why not make a note in your diary.

With Global green energy investments increasing by a further 17% to $270 Billion in 2014 there remains great opportunities for ambitious companies to work with academic researchers to create innovative products and services that can be sold globally.

To find out more about CASE have a look at the new website

To keep all this activity going forward a new chair has been appointed, Trevor Haslett CBE. Trevor is a Chartered Engineer and Environmentalist with over 40 years' experience in project management on a broad range of areas including energy, water and waste water technology, construction and the environment. He also has previous Board experience, working at Chief Executive, Executive Director and Senior Management positions across complex and heavily regulated environments including public sector, government owned company, non-departmental public bodies and the private sector.