Do you need help to exhibit at a Trade Show?

Exhibiting at trade shows is one of the most effective ways for companies to test markets, attract customers, identify agents or distributors, observe competitors and make sales.

While we organise group stands at a range of trade shows included in our overseas Events Programme, we recognise that there are other exhibitions where companies consider that their participation is important in achieving their business objectives.

SOLEX assistance

SOLEX provides assistance to eligible companies to exhibit independently at an approved trade show outside Northern Ireland where Invest Northern Ireland does not have a presence.

SOLEX eligibility criteria

  • SOLEX is open to Invest NI customers from the tradeable services or manufacturing sectors.
  • Companies must meet the EU definition of a Small and Medium Sized Enterprise.
  • SOLEX assistance is to be used to support attendance to Business to Business Trade Shows.
  • Companies are not eligible to apply if the stand space has already been booked.
  • Applications must be received no later than one calendar month before the proposed show.
  • Must not be sharing the exhibiting cost and/or space with another company or public body.
  • Have not have claimed, nor will claim any other funding to attend this specific exhibition from public funds, local, national or EU.

SOLEX assistance

  • Companies using SOLEX may be offered financial support of up to 50 per cent of their stand costs up to £2,000 (subject to eligibility).
  • For Republic of Ireland shows we provide support towards accommodation for up to two people and up to £75 per night per person.
  • For shows outside the island of Ireland we provide up to 50 per cent of the cost of an economy travel, for up to two people, and up to £75 per night for accommodation costs for up to two people (maximums apply).

Our support is subject to some eligibility criteria.

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