Chapter one – Welcome

11 minutes

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Markus Rehkopp, Regional Director DACH, Invest NI, provides and introduction to the webinar and introduces our guest speakers.

Chapter 1 transcript

Chapter two - Trading relationships between Germany and the UK

6 minutes

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HMA to Germany, Jill Gallard, provides an insight into the bilateral trading relationships between the UK and Germany and DITs support to enter the German market.

Chapter 2 transcript

Chapter three - Evolution of German Government

20 minutes

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In this chapter, Robert Scheid, Germany Trade and Invest, discusses the recent change and evolution of Germany’s government and the impact it has had on businesses, along with new opportunities with arisen as a result of this change.

Chapter 3 transcript

Chapter four - Case Study: Wrightbus

11 minutes

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Nathan Hodge, Wrightbus, a Ballymena based bus manufacturer and pioneer of low-floor buses - introduces the company and discusses why Wrightbus decided to trade in Germany, and how they entered the market.

Chapter 4 transcript

Chapter five - Spotlight on the Sectors

17 minutes

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Linda von Delhaes-Guenther and Franziska Wegerich, AHP International highlight the current and emerging sectoral export opportunities in the market and how Northern Ireland businesses can approach these opportunities.

Chapter 5 transcript

Chapter six - Q&A

13 minutes

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This chapter concludes the tutorial with a short question and answer session, hosted by Markus Rehkopp, featuring the guest speakers, who are also joined by Rafe Courage, Department for International Trade and David Johnston, British Consulate General.

Chapter 6 transcript

Spotlight on Germany

As one of the largest industrial and export economies in Europe, Germany provides a vast spectrum of business opportunities for Northern Ireland businesses across a range of sectors. This tutorial will showcase the latest in-market macroeconomic trends and technological trends, the influence of the new German government and provide insights for those considering entering the market. This tutorial is a recording of a recent webinar.

78 minutes
6 videos