Do more R&D

If you've already done some research and development (R&D) you'll know that it's a cost-effective way of growing your market share.

And it doesn't need a team of scientists. Just some inspiration, some application and the right support.

We provide funding to help with:

  • Scoping, defining and planning an R&D project.
  • Research or critical investigation aimed at producing new scientific or technical knowledge.
  • Product or process development or improvements.
  • Development of leading-edge technology.
  • Collaboration with a college or university to carry out strategic projects.

R&D Escalator

The Invest NI R&D Escalator provides a comprehensive overview of the various strands of R&D support available to businesses of all sizes. Support ranges from a £5,000 Innovation Voucher through to industry-led Competence Centres at the top of the R&D escalator.


R&D Workshops

We run workshops, provide advice on planning an R&D project and can signpost you to sources of assistance.

With our help, you can continue to profit from all those great ideas (except maybe the coal-powered jumbo jet – that one will never take off).


Not sure that this support is right for you? Contact us and we can explore options for your business together.

Our support may be subject to some eligibility criteria.


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