Grant for R&D

Invest NI has a range of financial support to help you create new products, processes and services.

New to R&D

If you have not previously carried out any R&D, have an idea for a new product, service or process that could help grow your business, we can help.

Support is available up to £50,000 to:

  • Investigate or plan your idea
  • Make and test a prototype
  • Experiment and refine your design
  • Handle intellectual property costs

Follow-on R&D

We can also provide funding to businesses that have some experience with R&D.

Funding can help with:

  • Scoping, defining and planning an R&D project
  • Research or critical investigation aimed at producing new scientific or technical knowledge
  • Product or process development or improvements
  • Development of leading-edge technology
  • Linking to a college or university to collaborate on strategically important projects

Who is eligible?

This support is available to Invest NI customers only and may be subject to some eligibility criteria.

How to apply

Contact your Client Executive. We will only accept an application if:

  • You have discussed your proposed project with an Invest NI representative, and
  • You have been issued with the new Grant for R&D application form with an individual reference number.

If both these conditions are not met, applications will be returned to you.

What if I am not an Invest Northern Ireland customer?

If your company is not already an Invest Northern Ireland customer, Contact us or alternatively call our Business Support Team on 0800 181 4422.


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