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Where are the best markets for you? What are your competitors up to? Who would make reliable export partners? How can you save yourself time and money by using accurate market data?

Market research is critical to export success. We can help you to plan your export activities effectively by providing in-depth information and guidance on how to break into new markets.

Our Business Information Centre, at Invest NI's headquarters in Belfast, has extensive market research and worldwide company directories that you can use.

Our wide range of business information includes: details of trade fairs, guidance on import/export procedures, funding sources and legal agreements.

Market research & company information databases

You can visit the Business Information Centre to view the market research and company information databases listed below, or request that information is emailed to you.
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Market Research Databases  



Geographic Coverage

AMA Building & construction reports including environmental. UK and Europe
BMI Research Consumer, energy, financial services, food & drink, industrial & retail. Worldwide by country
Cobra Business information for start-up companies, including market and legal information. UK
Construction Info Services Construction project tracking. Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland
Frost & Sullivan Industrial, energy, healthcare and ICT sectors. Worldwide
GlobalData Consumer Consumer markets and company analysis. Worldwide
GlobalData Energy Energy sectors, including renewables. Worldwide
GlobalData Retail Analysis of key retail sectors and channels. UK & Worldwide
IGD Strategies and operations of consumer goods retailers around the world. Worldwide
Marketline Snapshots of 30,000 companies, 3500 industry profiles in 200+ countries. Worldwide
Mintel Food and drink, retail, e-commerce, leisure, lifestyles, technology, consumer and industrial. UK & Ireland (some USA)
Plimsoll Market reports and analysis across all sectors. UK
Simply Docs Legal agreement templates e.g. for agents and distributors. UK
Company Information Databases  


Geographic Coverage

Number of Companies

Kompass Worldwide – Detailed product information, which is most useful for manufacturing/engineering companies. Over 8 million
Bureau Van Dijk Worldwide – Detailed financial information. The Mint database includes unincorporated companies in UK. Over 19 million

Tenders Alert Service

Our Tenders Alert Service allows you to identify local, UK and European contract opportunities from a wide range of public sector organisations via a daily email alert service. It also has information about selling to government - it has compiled an NI Councils Procurement fact sheet giving contacts for buyers and brief data on how they buy goods and services.
Find out more about and apply for our Tenders alert service (PDF)

Key public sector tender information sources

Local and national government bodies buy billions of pounds worth of goods and services every year. The sources of information listed below can alert you to current tender opportunities, and inform you about how to win public sector business.

Key Public Sector Tender Information Sources  



Northern Ireland
Invest Northern Ireland Tenders Alert Service Web-based annual subscription service (£100+VAT) enabling companies to identify local, European and US Federal contract opportunities from a wide range of public sector organisations via a daily email alerting service.
Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) CPD is the government body responsible for public procurement in Northern Ireland. Most NI government tenders, whether local or regional, are published on this website. However, there are exceptions; for example, local councils.
eTendersNI Opportunities for providing goods, services and works to Northern Ireland government department, agencies and arms-length bodies.
InterTradeIreland Go-2-Tender public tendering workshops provide SMEs with knowledge and practical skills to tender successfully for public sector contracts across Ireland.
NI Councils (XLS) Procurement contacts and thresholds in Northern Ireland councils.
Republic of Ireland
Office of Government Procurement (OGP) The OGP is responsible for sourcing all goods and services on behalf of the Public Service in Ireland, including Health, Defence, Education and Local Government. In addition, the OGP has full responsibility for procurement policy and procedures.
eTenders Procurement Central facility for all public sector contracting authorities in the ROI to advertise procurement opportunities and award notices.
Great Britain
Scotland Contracts with Scottish Local Authorities, NHS Scotland, the Scottish Government, Agencies and NDPBs, Higher and Further Education and Emergency Services, with the option of registering to receive free e-mail alerts.
Wales - Sell to Wales Public sector procurement portal for Welsh suppliers and buyers.
Wales - National Procurement Service The National Procurement Service remit is to secure in the region of £1bn worth of goods and services in common and repetitive spend. This represents 20% - 30% of the Welsh public sector spend.
Digital Marketplace This is where you can sell digital services through the G-Cloud and Digital Services frameworks.
Contracts Finder Information on contracts worth over £10,000 with the UK government and its agencies.
Network Rail Contracts in pipeline work and Thames Link project work.
CompeteFor Major tenders for Crossrail, the Metropolitan Police and London Boroughs. It is provided by BIP Solutions on behalf of the Mayor of London and Transport for London.
Ministry of Defence (MOD) Access to MOD defence contracts.
Constructionline Register of local and national pre-qualified construction and construction related services.
GOV.UK Links to other tender websites.
Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) This is the online version of the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union (EU), dedicated to European public procurement. It provides free access to business opportunities, updated 5 times a week with some 1,500 public procurement notices from the European Union, the European Economic Area and beyond. If you register with this website, you can set up your own search profile that will be used to send you a daily email listing tenders which match your search profile.
Simap Information on the tendering process, regulations, procedures and best practice within the EU.

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