Secretary Of State Announces 300 New Jobs For Seagate In The North West

Secretary of State, Peter Hain MP, today announced an £83million investment in Seagate’s two plants in the North West, with the creation of 300 new jobs for the area.

The investment, which includes £24.82million backing from Invest Northern Ireland, will place Seagate’s operations in Springtown and Limavady firmly at the centre of its global strategy.

Speaking at the Springtown plant, Mr. Hain said: “Today’s announcement will see the Springtown plant, already recognised as the most advanced nanotechnology manufacturing facility in the UK, become Seagate’s main global manufacturing facility and a key development site for read/write heads for computer hard drives. It will also enable the Limavady plant to produce a wider range of aluminium substrates for integration into Seagate’s hard disk drive products.

“The investment will create significant new quality employment opportunities in advanced manufacturing in the North West. The company’s decision to expand here is a testament to the skills and abilities of the local workforce. As Seagate Technology continues to spend more on research and development than any of its competitors, this new investment project will consolidate the position of Londonderry as a leading Centre of Excellence for nanotechnology research and development in the UK.

“Since initially deciding to locate at Springtown in 1993 and Limavady in 1996, Seagate has shown continued commitment to developing its Northern Ireland operations, not only investing in its facilities, but also in its people and the wider economy. The company annually contributes over £45m in wages and salaries, spends some £11m with local suppliers and invests substantially in skills development and training for its workforce.

“Government assistance was one of the key deciding factors that helped to secure these projects which will raise Seagate’s total workforce in the North West to 2,163.”