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About the programme

The Resource Efficiency Capital Grant (RECG) provides support to eligible Invest NI client companies to help with the cost of investing in resource efficient technologies that will drive savings and business productivity.

The call for applications is currently closed.

This project is part-funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

How can it help my business?

Grants of up to £50k are available to help with the purchasing of new equipment. The rate of support is based on company size – a maximum of 10% of total eligible project costs for large businesses, 20% for medium and 30% for small and micro.

Please refer to Resource Efficiency Capital Grant - Guidance Notes (PDF) for applicants.

Examples of projects that will be considered for the RECG include:

  • Equipment that eliminates the consumption of raw materials or uses less material in design and/or manufacture of product.
  • Equipment that improves the efficiency of raw material consumption through improved processing or equipment that enables the re-use of materials and/or waste materials generated through a process on-site i.e. re-use of materials to manufacture product and/or re-use of water.
  • Equipment that recovers value from waste and/or water that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere or discharged to land or waterways.

Activities that are not eligible include:

  • Equipment leasing or hire purchase agreements and trade in of existing equipment is NOT permitted.
  • Projects with a higher level of energy efficiency savings than the total of water, materials and/or waste materials.
  • Equipment that delivers resource efficiency beyond the business premises i.e. mobile plant and/or equipment.
  • Projects that do not demonstrate clear linkages between separate elements of the process.
  • Projects that solely provide local waste infrastructure projects and do not demonstrate material efficiencies.
  • Projects that solely meet compliance or other waste/ water licensing requirements.
  • Projects that cover on-going software licencing costs.
  • In-house personnel costs associated with the project.
  • Fore borewell projects costs associated with water testing, test borewell drilling and licensing.
  • Ancillary works or additional infrastructure works. e.g. wiring of premises to accommodate the installation of equipment.
  • Projects with payback periods of less than one year or greater than four years. If funding from other support schemes or incentives, has already been granted for the project.
  • Projects that are repeat or similar projects funded by previous RECG calls.

This list is not exhaustive.

Further information

If you are an Invest NI customer and would like to find out more, including how to apply, please contact your client executive or Contact us.

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If your RECG application is successful, you will be required to complete an Innovate NI Innovation Assessment before making a claim for the assistance.

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