Manage business energy and waste

Increased efficiency + reduced waste = lower costs. It’s obvious really.

But what isn’t obvious is how to go about it. We can help. We’ve already helped local companies save millions of pounds through tailored advice, consultancy, industrial symbiosis, resource efficiency grants and interest-free loans.

We provide tailored advice and training on resource efficiency issues and run workshops across Northern Ireland on energy and resource efficiency initiatives. We can also signpost you to online information to help your business implement resource efficiency savings.

Download the Support Programme for Sustainable Development (PDF)

Consultancy support

To help your business manage and implement resource efficiency projects, we offer up to five days of free consultancy support. This is available to companies with a total resource spend of over £30,000 a year.

Consultancy support can help with:

  • Developing robust business cases for individual projects
  • Providing project management skills on particular projects
  • Managing the purchase and installation of new equipment
  • Defining equipment and/or process specifications
  • Identifying suppliers of goods and services
  • Encourage collaborative efforts with other businesses in your area around energy

Industrial symbiosis

We provide advice on how one business’s waste or excess resources can be used by other businesses, therefore becoming a development opportunity rather than a problem. This advice is available through workshops or on a one-to-one basis.

Find out more information about the Industrial Symbiosis Service


Energy efficiency loan fund

This fund offers an interest-free loan to your business through the Carbon Trust. The loan amount ranges from £3,000 up to £400,000, depending on the energy savings from individual projects, and is used to buy and install energy efficient equipment.

Find out more information about the energy efficiency loan fund


Resource efficiency capital grant

We offer capital grants to Invest NI clients of up to 40% (capped at £40,000 per project) towards the cost of equipment that will help businesses achieve financial savings in their use/consumption of water and materials.

This scheme will operate through a series of calls for proposals through to September 2018.


Water efficiency programme

Invest NI is running a Water Efficiency Programme and is looking for businesses interested in implementing water efficiency measures in order to save water and save money. The aim of the Water Efficiency Programme is to take up to 10 Northern Ireland based businesses through a 10-step process to become more water efficient and save money.

Find out more information and register your interest for this programme (PDF)


Resource efficiency guides

We have produced a series of best practice resource efficiency guides on topics including biomass, lighting, packing, waste minimisation and water efficiency to name a few.

Read our best practice guides  
Compressed air systems (PDF)
Industrial refrigeration & cooling (PDF)
Lighting efficiency (PDF)
Metering, monitoring and targeting (PDF)
Packaging optimisation - food & drink (PDF)
Resource efficiency - hotel sector (PDF)
Waste minimisation (PDF)
Water efficiency (PDF)
Wind power (PDF)

Not sure that this support is right for you? Contact us and we can explore options for your business together.

Our support may be subject to some eligibility criteria.


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