US College Commercial & Education Programme, East Coast, USA

September 2017


Join us on a visit and tailored programme covering the college network on the East Coast of the United States.

It is anticipated that participants on this programme will come from a range of sectors offering a variety of products or services to the US college network.

Sectors could include:

  • Education providers
  • Sports equipment and technologies
  • Medical equipment and technologies

We are keen to hear from any company or organisation that is looking to develop business with the US college network. Find out if your company is eligible.

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About the U.S College Commercial & Education Programme

The visit and programme will run over 4 days, cover 2 cities on the East Coast and will cover two areas of opportunity:

  • The U.S. sports market is a huge industry and college sport represents a significant share of the market. College athletic directors have a requirement for a wide variety of products and services for their programmes and control significant procurement budgets
  • The U.S. has an active study abroad programme which encourages students to enhance their education by electing to study in an international environment. Opportunity exists for Northern Ireland education providers to promote their courses to key decision makers from U.S. colleges

Day 1 - Pitch and Meet the Buyer event

This one day event will be opened by a keynote speaker and provide each participant with the opportunity to deliver a pitch on stage to the gathered audience of key decision makers from the sports and study abroad departments of U.S. colleges.

Participants will then have the opportunity to have one to one meetings with key decision makers who have pre-booked a meeting or booked on the day after listening to the on-stage pitch.

Day 2 - Study Tour and Additional Meetings

Participants will be split into two groups.

Group one - The sport related product / service providers will be taken to an institution of best practice. The specific institution(s) will be decided based upon the make-up of the participant companies accepted on to the mission.

Group two - The education institutions will be taken to meetings with third party study abroad organisations.

Invest NI also plans to host an evening networking reception in one city to maximise the potential opportunities for the participants. The reception will also provide the platform for potential VIP introductions to the participants and provide potential for increased media coverage.

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