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Statistics overview

This information has been gathered from Invest Northern Ireland corporate reporting and key performance indicators alongside externally-sourced statistics including NISRA, HMRC and ONS. 

It provides a comprehensive overview of our customers and the Northern Ireland economy.

Key performance indicators (KPI)

Financial and employment information collected on an annual basis from Invest NI supported businesses; focusing on sales, external sales, exports and employment.

Invest NI support data

This data looks at offers which have been made to our customers and the assistance, investment and jobs these hope to generate. 

Northern Ireland Economic Statistics

Council data

Business and economic information broken down by council area. The information includes both Invest NI data on businesses as well as summary information for each of the councils sourced from NISRA.

Sector data

Summary of Invest NI supported business performance by industry sector.

Export data

Summary of trade data sourced from both Invest NI and other government statistics.

Economic evaluations

A summary of Invest NI programmes and support evaluations.

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