Brexit video tutorials

Our Brexit video tutorials cover a range of topics from strategic sourcing, commercial contracts, recruitment and selection and export finance.

These tutorials are designed to help you to understand how your business is likely to be impacted by Brexit in these key areas and the key actions you need to take, whilst learning at your own pace and in your own time.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Find out about Strategic Sourcing, planning, Brexit and how you can help your customers

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27 Minutes  4  Videos
Commercial Contracts Tutorial

Commercial Contracts:
Brexit and your contracts

Learn how Brexit will affect your business’s existing and future commercial contracts

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0 Hour 16 Minutes 6 Videos
Export Finance Tutorial

Export Finance:
Risks of international trade

Learn about the various financing options available to your business

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0 Hour 16 Minutes 3 Videos
Recruitment Selection Tutorial

Recruitment & Selection:
Appoint the best person

Learn quality advice that will help you to recruit and select more effectively

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0 Hour 36 Minutes 9 Videos
Cash Flow Management Tutorial

Cash Flow Management:
Manage cash effectively

Learn what to look out for to maintain a positive cash flow

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0 Hour 7 Minutes 3 Videos